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PRIKK Social Media: A new chapter is opened

PRIKK puts together in Social Media the News, Market Place, Crowdfunding and Jobplatform



PRIKK.WORLD - Boost your Life for Free

Boost your life for free* with PRIKK. The PRIKK platform consists of five modules:




  • Crowdfunding
  • News
  • Job Platform
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace





The Basics



At PRIKK, there are two categories of users: Guest PRIKKERs (unregistered) and PRIKKERs (registered). All PRIKK services, with the exception of job postings, advertising of all kind and transaction costs for crowdfunding (3% incl. VAT), are free for registered PRIKKERs. As a non-registered guest PRIKKER, you are welcome to have a look around; but many of the free services - blog, crowdfunding, job searches, comments, liking, marketplace, social media, etc. - are only available to registered users. All you have to do is register and become a full-scale PRIKKER. It's free!* (Please note the text with the asterisk below!)




Social Media on PRIKK




Social Media on PRIKK.WORLD offers you a wide range of usefull tools, which makes your Social Media different and more free than others.

- no algorithm: You alone and no algorithm defines, what you see. The world shares your post. There is no need for a share button, you share with all your friends.

- no limits for friends: You have more than 5.000 friends, perfect, try to get 50.000.

- no limits to send inmails to friends. You can post to one, to many or simultaniously to all. Your choice.

- your social media wall is a platform where all your activities, everything done by your friends are integrated in a river: Your marketplace, your crowdfunding projects, your blogs, news and of course postings, which you can like and comment. You can start groups, share events....whatever you want.

- Free Speech: in dubio pro reo: freedom of speech and freedom of art are the basis



A new way of crowdfunding with PRIKK



Here we'd like to tell you a bit more about crowdfunding with PRIKK: At PRIKK anyone can put their projects online and look for supporters anywhere. We call our project creators and backers PRIKKERs. Whether creating or backing, we say they "prikk" a project. Because crowdfunding is more than just handing out rewards.



  • Crowdfunding for 0%. The only costs are the transaction costs (2.5% excl. VAT.). These are carried by the project creators. There are no additional costs.
  • A star for your project: Every project can wish upon a star!
  • 360-degree platform: More than just funding - inform (news), sell (marketplace/job board) and network (social media).
  • Test mode: We're probably the first crowdfunding platform with a test mode. That means you can create a full profile for your project, but don't want to raise funding yet. Use your project profile to gather information, build up a crowd, get feedback, and more.
  • Unlimited: As project creator, you can set any funding goal for your project you want. The lower limit is € 1,000. If you're a backer, someone who would like to support a project financially, you can give unlimited funding to a project if you are a legal entity (company, association, foundation, etc.). Private persons as backers are limited to € 4,999/year.
  • Free: Basically, anything goes if it's not prohibited by law. Naturally we retain ultimate decision-making power.




What is crowdfunding?



Crowdfunding is a form of crowd financing. In contrast to other forms of crowd financing, such as crowd investing, payment via PRIKK exclusively takes the form of non-cash compensation. This makes it possible to raise funds even for small projects, like a new CD for your band, and to offer the finished CD as a reward. Authors can "prikk" their new book, theater play or more. Even big ideas can be prikked. Anything goes, so long as it's not illegal. Building a hotel? Offer a free stay in exchange. Modernizing the equipment in your noodle factory? Offer 1 kg of noodles a week as a reward! Test a new product to see if it will sell. Find buyers before going into mass production. And lots more… Your ideas know no bounds.




PRIKK.NEWS: What is different?




We try to publish as many good news as possible. We critisize what is need to be critisized. The news are generated by Press agencies, articles by PRIKK.NEWS, Comments, and moreover the User publish his news about his ideas, organisation, company, project.....send your press-release: We love to report about the activities and achievements of our PRIKKER, write his own blog on PRIKK.NEWS (to be approved by PRIKK). You create your blog or your news in your cockpit or click the respective button on the News Site.









Also the market place is for free. It does not matter if you are private or a company. Just place your offer on the market place. Find the optimal market world for your product. Together with our cloud system and hashtag concept you find everything. You see and know.







You look for a Job? You offer a Job. Both is possible on PRIKK. Only companies or organisation, no private person, can offer Jobs. This takes a little money. Find more on our Jobplatform. You look for a job, you want to attend for a certain job, register, upload your CV. This if for free.





*except job postings, advertising of all kind and the transaction costs for crowdfunding (3% incl. 20% VAT.).




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